Sunday, 8 February 2009

New Buys

The New Look sequinned trousers arrived and I'm pleased to say are a keeper - I'm going to feel very Debbie Harry when I wear them, circa her Blondie days. I went shoping yesterday to return some items but as usual came back with more. In this case a bargain dress from Zara's sale rack - I was looking for a casual t-shirt dress to be dressed up or down and this fits the bill, although you can't see it too well in this picture. I wasn't specifically looking for shoes but these Vivienne Westwood-esque platforms from Top Shop immedately took my eye - and as the sales assistant told me "look much better on"! Don't you just love it when the SA give you their opinion on something totally unasked for!?

New Look sequin trousers ❖ Top Shop grey skin shoes ❖ Zara ruched front dress


  1. and P, i can't wait to see it all on you!!! :P

  2. Those shoes look amazing. I love all the straps.


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