Friday, 6 February 2009


Maybe it was my teenage love of the 80's film Mannequin but I just love mannequins. I have two in my flat, here a miniature one to hang jewellery and the top two images are of the mannequin in my dressing room which artfully illustrate my pearl collection and my ipod and headphones. But more often than not has random clothes flung across from the night before. 

The winged mannequin at the bottom is a sneaky picture I took (hence the bluriness) in a local bar, which houses many items in the flea-market style I so love.   

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  1. Hi! The dressboy in my bedroom pales in comparison with this lovely mannequin of yours! It's so gorgeous! By the way, I've got something for you. Please check it out on my blogsite, okey? Thanks! =)


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