Monday, 16 February 2009

Designer Highlight - Erotokritos

In the second of our Cocosa interviews 60 SECONDS WITH... Erotokritos


This Paris-based fashion designer, with a Greek-Cypriot background, has made dresses contemporary again using lace, silk and plenty of colour. We catch up with him over a café crème.


Cocosa: What place in the world inspires you the most?

EROTOKRITOS: "I find Jaipur in Rajasthan, India, one of the most inspiring places in the world. The way people combine colours and shapes there - it’s a great treat to my eyes."

Cocosa: Erotokritos is a bit of a fashion secret. Was this always your intention?

EROTOKRITOS: "Actually, my intention was never to be a fashion secret but it’s flattering to be considered that way, it means people feel personal about what I make."

Cocosa: What would an Erotokritos woman never do?

EROTOKRITOS: "An Erotokritos woman would never wear all black just to be safe. She will feel safer in total colour."

Cocosa: As a Parisian, can you give us some tips on good places to hang out?

EROTOKRITOS: "I love to go the Cafe Verlet on Rue Saint-Honoré. Not so many people know that it has the best selection of coffee and sweets in town. My favourite cinema is Le Grand Rex – a beautiful Art Deco building with an amazing giant screen. I love the blue velvet seats."

Cocosa: Nonchalant chic? Cool confidence? What’s the best way to wear an Erotokritos dress?

EROTOKRITOS: "You just need to be in the mood to wear it and hear compliments, it always happens in an Erotokritos dress."

Cocosa: What’s your current favourite track – one that’s guaranteed to pull you onto the dance floor?

EROTOKRITOS: "Holiday by Madonna, it always sounds great."

Cocosa: Who are the women inspiring your collections?

EROTOKRITOS: "I see inspiring women all over the place. Just walking around Paris or London is enough to be inspired. Style is everywhere - you just have to notice it, and I do."

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