Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Designer Highlight - Erdem

I have posted about Cocosa before, VIP shopping that highlights fab edgy designers. Canadian designer Erdem has been stocked this week and as well as winning the Future Fashion prize at the Elle Style Awards last night, Cocosa managed to catch up with the man himself....


Erdem Moralioglu

Bursting with colour and lush fabrics, Erdem is widely acclaimed for his elegant designs. Cocosa loves the little things that make this London-based designer tick.

Cocosa: We love your use of print, colour and embellishment. Where has that come from?

Erdem: Probably coming from a cold climate devoid of colour.

Cocosa: Your references to theatre, art and music each season are so original and exciting. What’s inspiring you this year?

Erdem: I love [Danish illustrator] Kay Nielson at the moment.

Cocosa: What is your most prized possession?

Erdem: My fathers school ties.

Cocosa: What’s next on your own shopping wish list?

Erdem: Socks.

Cocosa: Where’s your next dream travel destination and why?

Erdem: Colombia, because it’s warm and colourful.

Cocosa: How would you define your fashion signature?

Erdem: Colourful and accidental.

Cocosa: What are you reading? What movies you are watching?

Erdem: I’m reading Bonjour Tristesse and I’m completely addicted toMad Men on television.

Cocosa: What has been your biggest fashion disaster?

Erdem: Colour coordinated elastics for my braces that changed with the season. Green and red for Christmas…

Cocosa: How would you describe your own personal style?

Erdem: Mixed up, conservative, whatever is clean.

Cocosa: Who are you designing for?

Erdem: You!

Cocosa: Which designers of old do you admire?

Erdem: Charles James for the way he cuts.

Cocosa: If you hadn’t become a fashion designer what would you be?

Erdem: A set designer for theatre or ballet.

Cocosa: Who are your style icons from the past and/or present?

Erdem: Marlene Dietrich.

Cocosa: You’re originally from Canada. Why did you settle in London?

Erdem: I settled here to study at the Royal College of Art.

Cocosa: What thrilling Erdem news can we expect in 2009?

Erdem: A new luggage collection with Globetrotter. It’s very chic!

Cocosa: Tell us about your new collection showing at London Fashion Week?

Erdem: You will see…

Find out more: www.erdem.co.uk

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