Friday, 9 January 2009

MAC Collaborations

I love to see who MAC Cosmetics choose for their icon and limited edition campaigns. There have been so many variations - Barbie, Heatherette, Fafi, Alexander McQueen, Raquel Welch, Zandra Rhodes, Catherine Deneuve, Isabella Blow, Luella, Temperley, Diana Ross, Eddie Izzard, to name a few. The Hello Kitty range, I'm really looking forward to when it comes out this Spring. It must be the little girl in me but I think even as an adult there is great appeal in Hello Kitty merchandise - especially with all of the girly diamante on offer.

The current Dame Edna range however, I can't quite get my head around. He/she is not really someone I see as a style icon. I suppose I see the irony - there is a lot of make-up worn, so maybe this is all you need to be a MAC icon.

I first bought items from the Catherine Deneuve range - a true classic beauty in my opinion. Christmas 2007 I bought the two compacts below from The Stylistics range. As MAC stated "The cultivated new cool of 21st century hepcats. When it comes to style, design and hip, they're in the know... Culture's rarest and richest pearls. Smooth. Diamond-sharp. Supercool. There's glamour in the je ne sais quoi. Limited edition".

I have nothing against quirky, but these are much more to my liking.


  1. Oh I'm so looking forward to get my hands on the Hello Kitty and MAC collab! I reckon it'll be SO cute!!

  2. i can't wait for the HK products also!! i love hk!


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