Friday, 30 January 2009


I just remembered a ring I've had for ages, this blue Lalique cabochon ring. Sometimes, when you put something away in a drawer, you just completely forget you have it. And now I have unearthed it again, I remember how beautiful it is and how I must find an occasion to wear it immediately. The work of Rene Lalique is very distinctive and is probably best known for his Art Deco style. 

I also bought this perfume bottle a few years ago for £1 at a flea-market. It took me several months later, when giving it a dust, I found the Lalique stamp on the base. Overcome with excitment at my find, I trawled the internet trying to find information on it. Even now, on a quick Google search, they can be found here and here. Around that time, I was in a local jewellers who sell Lalique, and mentioned to them my find. They just happened to have some Lalique valuers in from Christie's due a couple of weeks later and suggested I pay another visit. 

After examining the bottle, they shed some light, the bottle commissioned by Nina Ricci was likely to be missing a leaf but they suggested it could still be worth around £100. Not a bad mark-up from £1. It was good to know I'd found a bargain but I just loved the bottle as soon as I saw it regardless of it's worth.

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