Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Laduree + Jewellery....

....... give us these gorgeous mini charms. Looking back at old emails in my in-box at work today, I saw their piece on these little Laduree charms, £31 for 7 charms at Harrods. I think the email was sent before Christmas as a gift idea and wished I'd seen it before, they definitely would have made an appearance on my Christmas list. 


  1. i haven't been to harrod's...i have dreams about it though :)

  2. mmmm. Laduree! I love their macaroons, and would love to have a necklace made out of them!

  3. those are adorable! I think I might need them... ;)

  4. This is just too adorable.
    A perfect combination, sweet and shiny.


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