Friday, 16 January 2009

Icon - Pearl Lowe

Pearl Lowe first came to my attention a few years ago when reading an issue of Elle Deco. She had designed some lace curtains and a feature was made of them in her home in London. To this day, her interior style inspires me. The lace curtains were an accidental discovery. After collecting pieces of vintage lace, she was looking to cover a window and came up with the idea of dying the lace in funky colours, hot pink and black, to make curtains. The idea took off and she started selling them in London establishment The Cross. Soon after, the lace curtains were the inspiration for lace dresses, and so a fashion business was born.

Now she is probably as famous for her drug-taking past, Supergrass partner Danny Goffey and model daughter Daisy as she was years ago for her famous Brit-pack friends, Kate Moss, Rhys Ifans, Samantha Morton, Sadie Frost. I have read her biography All That Glitters and it's a great insight into the excesses of the 90's Cool Britannia.    

Mostly though, I love her style. A lover of vintage, both in the home and with clothes, she has an almost old-fashioned charm to her dress. Her lace dresses are so well designed with a fitted, 40's feel to them that if they weren't so expensive, I would snap one up in a second.

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