Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Icon - Irina Lazareanu

I was pleased to see today at Dior, the return of my absolute favourite model, Irina Lazareanu, after a brief break from Spring 09. Although I think most models are pretty fantastic, there are not many who I look to for sartorial inspiration. But Irina I love for her quirkiness. I never fail to be eager to find out what she is wearing outside of her model life, she throws things together in an individual way and makes them very much her own. I have only ever felt Irina could be the one to take over from Ms Moss but I'm sad to say it hasn't really happened yet. Maybe now she is back on the scene, the time will come?


  1. Beautiful dresses ! But she's so thin !

  2. hi there! thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.
    i've never really taken a fancy to any particular models before, but she is certainly beautiful! i love the first picture, her shirt looks like she has on angel wings
    xx <3

  3. too thin but so stylish! the 1st pic is my favourite too!


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