Saturday, 10 January 2009

High Street Community

I have only, within the last few years, become a real convert to high-street fashion. Ever since buying a jacket aged 16 from Harrods, I always wanted designer items. I would be happy to have fewer clothes, as the appeal of good quality items was more important to me. And while I still like all of the benefits you receive from buying designer - quality cut & design and the fact that you're less likely to see everyone else looking the same - the way that high-street fashion has progressed over the last few years, has me more than happy to buy the vast majority of my clothing and accessories from the high street.

And so I come to New Look, I especially love their shoes. They manage to look like they have come straight from the catwalk and the beauty obviously, is that you could probably buy around ten pairs for the same price as one designer pair. The two dresses above are from the new collection for Spring/Summer, the Limited Edition Prom dress is right up my street, I'm often drawn to volume in clothing and this more than fits the bill.

They have come up with a concept called myLook, an on-line community where you have the chance to have an active involvement within fashion.  

Inside you will be able to share your views, suggest improvements, connect directly with New Look and the community and tell us what's right and wrong in the world of fashion and have a genuine visible effect on the high street. By joining in with the discussions not only do you get to have a real effect on the high street and a large fashion retailer, you can also make new friends, chat about fashion, get to know about events and ideas before anyone else, AND there's the possibility of prizes and goodies!

If you feel you have something to add to the community, just click on the link above and mention the name of this blog PinkBow and you can enter the gateway of fashion!


  1. i love that purple dress. the color is so amazing!

    La C.

  2. Lovely dresses. I own a pair of flats from new look, which are really lovely.

  3. i think the purple dress would look nice at a brighter color like light pink or something or maybe black, purple isnt my fave color but its an awsome dress, ive bought a cute black dress from Elegant Mart, their colection is amazing!!!


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