Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Icon - Anna Karina

I recently bought a Jean-Luc Goddard box set – Volume 2. Don’t ask me why I started with Volume 2 before Volume 1, perhaps the film collection was more appealing – Pierrot le Fou, Une Femme est Une Femme, La Chinoiserie, Le Petit Soldat and Detective. Three of the films have Anna Karina in the lead female role, they are set in the sixties and are French, two of my favourite criteria. I love the style of this era and basically I am obsessed with anything French at the moment.
Anna Karina’s style instantly appealed to me. Why is it my female icons are usually of the dark hair/pale skin variety that I most closely resemble? Maybe we see them as better versions of ourselves, people we can aspire to, emulate and take inspiration. Anna Karina, a Danish born French actress who was originally a model before being spotted by Jean-Luc Goddard. He originally wanted her for a major part in A Bout de Souffle which she then turned down but took on a role in Le Petit Soldat. They eventually married during the filming of Une Femme Est Une Femme.

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