Friday, 28 November 2008

New Toy

I have set this blog up with a view to emptying the creativity that roams around my mind. So far however, I have done this without having time to give it my full attention. This lack of time is mostly due to the fact that I am computer-less at home and have to do postings at work, constantly looking over my shoulder and aware that the IT geeks could be monitoring me all the way to HR! But fear not, as Santa will be bringing my new MacBook and with it the freedom to post day or night.  Hunting high and low for the old style I'm so fond of, I eventually found the model I wanted. Why is it Apple choose to discontinue some of their best designs - the iconic white ipod cannot be found for love or money! The black comes a close second but to me white = apple. Those original ipod adverts were so cool! 

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