Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Icon - Sophie Ellis Bextor

I have chosen Sophie as my first icon, as sartorially, she is someone I most identify with. I love her mix of vintage and high street and together with her dark hair and pale skin, her style choices are similar to my own. She has appeared on a few fashion-related programmes in the UK recently - Frock Me, Frock Exchange, The Fashion Show - her humble and down to earth personality reflect the fact that she doesn't take fashion too seriously and yet achieves an eclectic and individual style. This I love. She claims that she finds fashion intimidating and competitive, by buying vintage she removes herself from the equation. What a great philosophy. In this material age we live in, competitiveness is something I encounter on a daily basis. Individuality should be embraced, instead of trying to keep up with one another. This is why a vintage mix works so well. Finally it is possible to find clothes and a style that become your own. Afterall, what works on one doesn't work on another. To have the confidence to try new things and develop your own style is so admirable. Sophie always looks like she has fun with clothes and isn't afraid to try anything and make mistakes, as she states, "they're only clothes".

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