Friday, 21 November 2008

Gothic Chic

A major trend and I guess one which has been covered by every fashion magazine is Gothic Chic. I personally don't need too much help in this area, having dark hair and pale skin. I have been called Morticia and Vampira on more than one night out (oh the delights of living in Newcastle). I have always been partial to black clothes, it is probably only of late that I have started to venture into major colour and pastel shades.

I was interested and surprised to see Lula magazine cover this trend early on. I was concerned that they had changed their style ethic but needn't have worried as it is styled in only the most Lula-esque way it could be.

Source: Lula editorial Flickr

The catwalks for Fall 2008 RTW cover this major trend and there is hardly any designer who has not made this a feature.



Christopher Kane

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney


Roksanda Illincic


All of the examples above are quite fabulous and a trend everyone can engage in, in some way or another. As well as clothes, the make-up industry is embracing the trend also. This I'm not so sure could be as popular. I don't envisage this being worn on a night on the town without scaring everyone and being severely ridiculed.


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