Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Fashion Moment

I was listening to the local news this morning and heard that a Steam Locomotive has been built in Darlington, County Durham by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust and was taken out for a test run last night along the East Coast Mainline, it has taken 18 years to build. Mark Allat from the trust said,

"This is the type of locomotive from the post war period and sadly not one was preserved, all 49 were scrapped by 1966. "Luckily the drawings were kept in York Railway Museum and 18 years later we have this magnificent beast almost ready to pull passengers on the mainline".

What has this got to do with fashion, I hear you ask. No, I haven't become a "train anorak". I was immediately reminded of the iconic scene from "Some Like It Hot", where Marilyn Monroe is walking along the train platform and a puff of steam pats her on her backside.

From a fashion perspective, bring back those days of dressing up! Why do we no longer wear hats and gloves with crocodile skin high heels and matching handbag. The scene was similarly re-enacted by Carrie Bradshaw in SATC when she and Samantha take a train trip to San Francisco to promote the launch of Carrie's new book (Season 5, The Big Journey). There is something delightfully romantic and old-world, travelling on an old steam train dressed up like a movie start from yester-year.

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