Friday, 14 November 2008

Fantasy High Street

Every month, Elle magazine offers a fashion related celebrity the chance to list their fantasy high street. I may not be a celebrity but here's mine....

Top Shop, Oxford St, London - the UK's best affordable high street shop with many designer collaborations, up and coming as well as celebrity. This shop always remains ahead of the game. Those New Yorkers can't wait for their time of a bite of the TS cherry. Prepare for mayhem in the streets of NYC!!

Apple Store, Soho, NYC - if you love technology and love sleek design, you can't get better than this. Any Apple product is almost a fashion accessory in itself.

Colette, Paris - a store I have never been to but desperately would like to. A definite on my next trip to Paris. A lifestyle store that simply oozes cool.

Chanel, Paris - an absolute dream. I have been in the NY store but my intention is to fulfill my dream of purchasing a 2.55 from this particular branch. One day.....

Liberty, London - A traditional store but selling edgy designers. The accessories department on the ground floor is to die for.

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