Monday, 24 November 2008

A British Institution

Late night shopping last Thursday, I ventured into the British Institution that is Marks & Spencer - it was absolute bedlam. I overheard one man ask "are they giving away things for free in here?" . You would think so. A 20% discount and the people of Newcastle went crazy. Is this credit crunch such that the incentive of a discount forces people to spend their money like there is no tomorrow? Over at the MetroCentre in Gateshead, people were still going at it right up until midnight. Madness!

Personally, I love M&S, it reminds me very much of being dragged around as a child every Saturday. The Food Hall cannot be beaten, who can resist Percy Pig & Pals at the checkout? And I think they are really trying as a company to get things right. Their Limited Edition collection quite often has some "on-trend" pieces. Recently, event he Autograph section has caught my eye, although I must admit, has not yet persuaded me to but anything. The recent coup of the Patricia Field collection can only raise their profile somewhat. Although I must say that I was a little disappointed by this collection. A collaboration with the fabulous Patricia Field could only promise good things. I'm not sure whether it was a lack of publicity and hype, but when I eventually saw them, the pieces didn't make my heart race. It was certainly an odd combination, the edgy Patricia Field x traditionally staid Marks & Spencer.


In the long run, I hope M&S remain successful and continue to attempt some forward-thinking tactics, Britain to me would not be the same without them.

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