Friday, 7 November 2008

The addictive appeal of the blogosphere...

So finally the appeal of the blogosphere has drawn me in... It feels a little bit like a teenager's personal diary - but maybe not so personal as it is available to the world. My ongoing fascination with fashion, style, art, film, music, interiors, architecture.... the list goes on. My eye is constantly drawn to items of beauty and I guess this seems as good a way as any to document it, a kind of real-life scrapbook.

I have been addicted to discovering new blogs for a while - my first foray was with the delightful Style Bubble - her very individual style, musings and overall insight into her personal world of fashion - has had me compulsively reaching for the wonder-web each morning. More recently I have discovered The Cherry Blossom Girl. As I just adore anything French, this is a whimsical insight into her world. Alix has a most creative flair which she uses to excellent effect, her photographs are so beautiful and inspiring.

And while I think photographs are a necessary component of a good blog, I am still at this moment nervous. I hate my picture being taken at the best of times, I am not photogenic at all. But while this will be primarily a fashion blog, obviously outfit posts are quite essential. I have thought about starting my own blog for a long while and all aspects of the content, the aims, the objectives of it have been continuous deliberations. So, one step at a time I think, until my confidence builds.

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