Sunday, 26 April 2015

OOTD - 18th April 2015

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My outfit last Saturday for walking around London. These pictures were taken in Hoxton, I couldn't resist the fantastic background, this place has so many amazing photographic locations. This outfit is also an example of a Capsule Wardrobe outfit, all pieces included in my first Capsule Wardrobe you saw here.

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Outfit: Zara Jacket ~ Zara Print Blouse ~ Top Shop Jamie Jeans 
Accessories: Chanel Flats ~ Furla Handbag ~ Prada Baroque Sunglasses ~ Aspinal of London Hot Air Balloon Handbag Charm
Jewellery: Bracelets by Hermes, Cartier, Claire Aristides & Links of London ~ Dior Rings ~ Tiffany Diamond Necklace

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Shoebox Jukebox

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Last Friday I travelled down to London to attend the Shoebox Jukebox event in Shoreditch, hosted by Next. If you follow Next on social media or any current popular bloggers, you will have heard the rumble over this event already I'm sure. Alongside the invite prior to the event, we were asked to choose a pair of shoes which would then be used as the basis of a Style Psychology analysis as well as a snazzy accessory to wear to the party. I chose this low heeled pair of sixties style Mary-Janes to wear with a simple pale pink mini dress from Carven. (Shoes here, dress here and Psychology Analysis here).

 photo sj-9_zpsiu78p3bu.jpg

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The party was so much fun, an ever-ending supply of cocktails and champagne, party food, dancers, shoe customisation and games, as well as the chance to catch up with some of my favourite bloggers - not to mention the catchy tunes pumping out of the Shoebox Jukebox. I wanted to share it with you all here, as Next put so much thought, creativity and effort into their events, I really hope I have managed to capture some of it through my pictures. 
Edit: See more pictures from the evening here and the YouTube video above.

The event was held to promote Next's amazing range of shoes, many of which were scattered around the room. It was a lot of fun to look around to see what everyone had chosen for their choice of shoes and how they had styled their outfits. It was so difficult to narrow my choice when looking at their site for shoes, the styles are so on-trend and amazingly low-priced, many look to be much higher-end, there is absolutely a pair of shoes for all tastes.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Lips by Charlotte Tilbury

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After trying out some Charlotte Tilbury eye-shadow some time last year, I promised myself another visit to the Selfridges counter the next time I was in London. I did contemplate ordering on-line as London visits are not too regular, but it is always good to try on in person when discovering a new line. I had more or less already decided before reaching the counter what my purchases were going to be. The hype over the Matte Revolution Lipsticks and Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk had already stoked my desire - blog reviews do work after all! ;) 

And I'm pleased to say they absolutely live up to my expectations. I chose the Desk to Disco Duo lipsticks in Amazing Grace and Love Liberty. The two shades compliment each other really well, the first a lovely antique rose shade for day and the other a deeper berry shade, perfect for evening glam. And like every other beauty addict these days, I'm a little bit obsessed with lip pencils and building myself quite the collection. The Lip Cheat is a really nice, but not too waxy formula which gives my lipsticks amazing longevity. Charlotte Tilbury - I'm hooked!

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 photo ct-2_zps39jsqigy.jpg

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lipstick Psychology

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I do love me a bit of psychology, even better when mixed in with my beauty addiction. I remembered seeing an article many years ago in a magazine, on the the different shapes our lipsticks form after using them for a while and what they say about us. So I hunted around the interwerbz to try to find it and came up with these three infographics. Both me and my mum are flat - and I have to say the analysis is rather spot on!

 photo lipstick-psychology-2_zpsxstsqemg.jpg

 photo lipstick-personalities-2_zpshlwvdows.jpg

Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to Achieve the Perfect Spring Glow

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Check out my first collaboration with Shopstyle on their American Express Style Inspiration Hub where I talk about my favourite beauty products to use to Achieve a Perfect Spring Glow.

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