Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Replenishing the Tarte Stock

 photo t-9_zps5dae28d1.jpg
You may remember the huge stash of goodies sent to me by US cult beauty brand, tarte. Many of these items have become daily essentials for me. So when I was contacted by the brand again, to see if there were any of the products needing to be replenished, I jumped at the chance. I chose a couple of my favourite items that I know I will run out of and absolutely have to re-stock. And I also had the opportunity to choose some new products. Today I wanted to share with you the items I chose*, I will leave my tarte favourites for another post in the future when I have had chance to have a good play around with everything.

 photo t-4_zps6ec1b87b.jpg

 photo t-6_zps1301d69f.jpg

 photo t-5_zps176b34a7.jpg

 photo t-3_zps1869f237.jpg

 photo t-7_zps27434104.jpg

 photo t-8_zps1c5f434e.jpg

 photo t-1_zps61d3cae8.jpg

 photo t-2_zps020017c6.jpg
Products shown:
Maracuja Lip Treatment ~ Matte Lip Tint in Lively


Don't forget, if you're based in the UK and not lucky enough to be US based with easy access to this range, you can buy tarte products now on QVC.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

New In: Mini Skulls

 photo l-2_zpsd63cfa54.jpg
As I hinted in last Sunday's post, there is a new piece of arm candy in my life! I love friendship bracelets for stacking and this one manages to be a little different to the norm. Upon closer inspection it is made up of rows of tiny little skulls in gold vermeil. I already have one of the classic friendship bracelets from Links of London in silver and black, so this is a great addition to my collection and works really well with the rest of my jewellery.

 photo l-3_zps10091ea4.jpg

 photo l-10_zps46cc4090.jpg

 photo l-7_zps8a1e8d6e.jpg

 photo l-4_zps609c14ae.jpg

 photo l-10_zps46cc4090.jpg

 photo l-5_zps84a5534d.jpg

 photo l-1_zps7ad66342.jpg

 photo l-11_zps91b1bb70.jpg
Wearing: Quiz Clothing Dress *
Jewellery: Tiffany Necklace ~ Dior Rings ~ Cartier Bracelet ~ Hermes Bracelet ~ Links of London Bracelet *

Friday, 12 September 2014

All-Bran 5 Day Challenge, Day 5 & Conculsion

The last day of my All-Bran 5 Day challenge, I chose a very simple cereal breakfast. As lets face it, in the morning sometimes you need something very quick and easy and that's when cereal becomes your best friend.

 photo 5-1_zps4d44de71.jpg

 photo 5-2_zps1a571e43.jpg

 photo 5-3_zps769cbd80.jpg

 photo 5-4_zpsa54518ce.jpg

 photo 5-5_zps2cbb1306.jpg
Day 5 - Simple Cereal
All-Bran Chocolate Wheats, Unsweetened Almond Milk, Agave Nectar & Cup of Black Coffee

As expected, I thoroughly enjoyed these five days of breakfasts. After my month of July basically ending up as the month of food and gluttony, I was more than ready to get back into my healthy regime of low calorie healthy food and exercise. I firmly believe that how I start off in the morning is how I will proceed for the rest of the day. So a good breakfast for me is so important. The idea of injecting more fibre into your day through the various All-Bran products, resulting in less bloating, is a good routine to get into. I tend not to personally suffer from bloating particularly, so I can't really comment on All-Bran being the saviour for this problem. Nonetheless, I enjoyed signing up for the challenge, with daily encouragement emails and prompts to record on the Tummy Tracker. And the extra injection of fibre into my diet did seem to keep me 'fuller for longer'. I would definitely confirm that my week of All-Bran breakfasts have well and truly got me back on my healthy path of life.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

All-Bran 5 Day Challenge, Day 4

 photo 4-2_zpsfb02383b.jpg

 photo 4-3_zps26746cdb.jpg

 photo 4-4_zpsc4736056.jpg

 photo 4-1_zpsfe844170.jpg
Day 4 - Fruit Loaf
I have to confess this was made by my lovely mother who makes these for me, and her and my dad often. She uses this recipe and like me tweaks her recipes, so adds some nuts into the mix also, which makes it very yummy. I have smothered probably a little too much Lurpak Light on this slice. But I love this cake for a healthy snack through the day which I find very filling. It is so easy to make too, I have also made it myself many times, I would definitely suggest a go yourselves.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

All-Bran 5 Day Challenge, Day 3

 photo 3-1_zps10da3deb.jpg

 photo 3-2_zps8a8363d8.jpg

 photo 3-3_zpsf6c84066.jpg

 photo 3-7_zpsd21864cd.jpg

 photo 3-4_zpse7a0e536.jpg

 photo 3-5_zps7b0baabf.jpg

 photo 3-6_zps9dc899d4.jpg

 photo 3-11_zps94ccb961.jpg

 photo 3-9_zps3aadd6f6.jpg

 photo 3-8_zps0a568447.jpg

 photo 3-10_zps10a39423.jpg
Day 3 - Porridge Topped with Fibre Mix
This time I used this recipe, again tweaking with a few of my own ingredients.
Original All-Bran, Flax Seeds, Unsweetened Almond Milk, Strawberries, Agave Nectar, Trail Mix with extra Flaked Almonds, Nairn's Gluten Free Porridge Oats, Cinnamon.