Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer Menu at Revolution

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One night this week after work, I was treated to a very nice meal at Revolution Vodka Bar in Newcastle*. It is only a couple of doors down from my work as it happens, so I met a friend and took the brief stroll into one of Revolution's very cosy booths to sample their new menu.

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 Revolution has launched its brand new kitchen menu at its popular Newcastle bar. Created by executive chef, Mark Rush and his development team, the new menu is inspired by all things Americana, delivered with Revolution-style twist.

The selection of dishes are belly-filling and good for the soul, with options for sharing, feasting and savouring, offering a fresh take on favourite dishes. From sharing platters, chicken three ways and mega burritos to extravagant burgers, plus a selection of sauces including a ‘secret recipe’ house ketchup, Revolution have created a menu with the hungry diner in mind.

Executive chef Mark Rush is particularly confident that the new style of pizza will be a big hit for the Newcastle  foodie scene, with a unique hand stretched dough, that has been months in the making. The perfected dough is used to create a thin, crispy base, made especially for dipping any leftover crust into Revolution’s one-of-a-kind ‘Big Easy’ dip.

Mark explains: “Everyone loves a tasty pizza and in reality it’s a simple dish, but we’ve gone one step further to create something really special: a diverse selection of lip-smackingly good toppings that will definitely have you coming back time and time again. My personal favourite has to be the ‘Bad Boy’ and it’s exactly that, with heaps of topping, it’s a fresh feast of a dish.”

Mark joined Revolution in October 2013 and since then has been leading a development team of eight chefs to create an original menu that focuses on delicious dishes, fresh from the kitchen that everyone will enjoy.

Mark’s passion for food started early on in his life, with his first experience of a working kitchen at the tender age of 13 in his Father’s restaurant. Four years later, Mark’s culinary journey took an interesting turn when he enrolled for six years with the Royal Navy, cooking for the highest-ranking officers. He finally realised his passion for development of innovative menus and joined Revolution in late 2013.

Mark explains: “It was essential that we produced a menu of dishes that people will fall in love with. These days it’s all about sharing your food, getting your hands dirty and having a good time. We wanted our menu to reflect the laid back party atmosphere you’ll get from a visit toRevolution and put our food offering right up there with our premium cocktail, spirits, beer and wine selections. It’s all about quality, value and having a good time”.

 “Our aim was to use traditional recipes such as mac n cheese and hot dogs, but put our own Revolution stamp on the classics. I am really proud of what we’ve achieved, and it’s just the beginning, we are already researching our Spring/ Summer menu for 2015.”

 For those who prefer a lighter option, the Revolution Kitchen menu includes a whole range of gluten-free dishes such as skinny burgers as well as some great salads.

 Tim Jessop, manager at Revolution Collingwood Street, adds: “Mark’s new menu is something really special that I am positive the people of Newcastle will love. Feedback so far has been phenomenal, our customers can’t get enough of the new dishes. It really is food that makes you feel good.”

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I can hands-down say that the building Revolution is situated in is the most beautiful and my most favourite in terms of it's interior, in the whole of Newcastle. My interior love is most definitely on the ornate side, so this appeals to my aesthetic whole-heartedly. Revolution is one of Newcastle's most popular bars and gets very very busy on a weekend, so I end up not frequenting here quite as much as I should. But for a granny like me, a mid-week venture is so pleasurable, it has a really cool and fresh, laid-back ambience - perfect to relax with friends after work, enjoying good food and drinks.

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I think Revolution has such a strong reputation for being a party bar, that a lot of people don't realise they serve the most amazing food dishes, alongside their delicious cocktails. The menu gets changed often, so it's always worth a visit to sample the new offerings.

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After ordering some cocktails, my friend and I ordered three of the Small Plates to share - Sweet Potato Wedges, Goats Cheese Bon Bons and Hummus with Flatbread.

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Afterwards, with just enough time in between to chat but not wait an age for our next course, the main courses arrived. Traditional Fish & Chips for me and Chicken Katsu for my friend. My fish was so huge, I didn't manage to eat all of my chips (pretty unheard of from me, I have to say).

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And finally, we decided to 'just look' at the dessert menu before ordering warm Brownie and Ice-cream for my friend as well as Chocolate Mess for me, to eat alongside her Peppermint Tea and my Cappuccino. Of course it is rare that can ever 'just look' at a dessert menu, it's my favourite part of any meal. By the end of it, full and content with happy tummies, we headed home. A very nice mid-week treat, thank you Revolution!


Revolution, Collingwood Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1JF
Tel: 0191  261 8901 @: Revolution_Newc

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Peace Out

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On those days where I just want to be comfy and casual, what can be a better sartorial choice than these super soft collaboration t-shirts?* A collaboration between Lynx and an array of cool designers to celebrate World Peace Day on 21st September, they are available to buy from ASOS.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Cool and Breezy

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I'm sure every non UK resident at the moment must be totally fed up with listening to us Brits bang on about the current hot weather. My flat remains relatively cool but the nights lately have been pretty unbearable, hot and sticky even with a window open. The windows I have which are sectioned into a large pane with two smaller at the top, allow only for the small panels to be opened, so although I can feel a very slight breeze, I can't help but dream about a window that will open more and give me a great amount of light flooding through to capitalise on this current glorious summer we are enjoying. 

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VELUX windows are particularly desirable to me, with the matching VELUX blinds being particularly good for the warmer summer months: 'VELUX awning blinds help keep your room comfortable on warm, sunny days. They cut out the direct rays of the sun and reduce heat intake by up to 90%. The semi-transparent net still allow natural light to enter your room.'

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The windows can be dressed up with a variety of blinds, when the light really is too bright and some darkness is preferred. The blinds area available in an array of light-blocking colours as well as having some very cute Disney designs for children's rooms. 

You can check out VELUX Blinds online*.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Morning Coffee with Nescafe Dolce Gusto

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I thought Sunday a very good day to share with you my new coffee machine, the Nescafe Dolce Gusto*. Aren't constant cups of coffee whilst relaxing at home, what Sunday's are made for? Despite my recent tea addiction, coffee was always my first love. I could not start my day without a pot of coffee, tea was what I would drink later in the day. Lately that has changed, I start my day with a cup of chai and move on to coffee later. 

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I was asked to be a Dolce Gusto Blogger, which I was more than happy to take part in. I was sent a goodie pack with some biscuits, cups and coffee pods. And the machine arrived with me later. I have so much coffee paraphernalia, stove top pots, French presses, measuring utensils and storage. I have had a machine in the past but found that the water did not heat up very well and the milk frother did not work as expected, so have given machines a wide berth since. Hearing so much about the new pod machines however, as a coffee addict I was pleased to give this one a go.

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This morning I decided to get the machine out of it's box and read through the instructions. This machine is so so easy to use. And cute to look at too. Water in the back panel, insert pod, wait to heat up and press a button. The coffee was hot and so tasty, just like a good cup of coffee I would buy from a coffee shop. I like my coffee strong, so chose the Grande Intenso as my first trial and it is so good. One cup down and I am off into the kitchen to make myself another. I am a Dolce Gusto convert.

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Dinner at Gusto

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The last couple of Saturday evenings, we have had dinner out at Gusto in our home city of Newcastle upon Tyne. I really like this restaurant, on Newcastle's Quayside, it's a really love place to sit outside to eat and afterwards stroll along the riverside and go for drinks. We chose to sit inside last night, as although it was incredibly warm yesterday, it was a little breezy. I don't usually take my camera out to dinner but as I had it with me, thought I would take some snaps to show you what our dinner last night entailed.

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I didn't write down the exact descriptions of the dishes, so my memory will have to do. I chose a pea, mint and chilli bruschetta and my boyfriend had sardine on toast. A light enough snack to start with, I don't like my portion sizes too big as I get full quite quickly.

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For the main course, I had a starter size of salmon and dill rigatoni with a side order of fries, my boyfriend had a prawn and chilli tagliatelli. Lots of fresh black pepper and grated parmesan cheese of course.

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And as the only sweet-toothed person between us, I chose the Bombalino - mini donuts with cream and chocolate sauce for dipping. As well as a cappuccino to finish.

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Gusto is one of those restaurants which has a good atmosphere but is never too rowdy. A lot of the restaurants in Newcastle get full with hen parties (never good!), so to find somewhere to sit down and just relax and enjoy the food in pleasant surroundings is quite a bonus.

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The Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3DX
T: 0191 260 2291