Thursday, 27 August 2015

Bagsy Beauty: Review

 photo bb-6_zpsd4jbzusz.jpg
I'm a sucker for a new beauty brand. Even better if it has packaging to die for - my first preference over the product itself even. So today I want to introduce you to Bagsy Beauty*, a collection of quirky beauty and make-up products that boast a keen eye for detail. A lot of the products have sweet little quotes alongside them and the packaging itself ranges from the sleek to the whimsical. Using the selection of products I was sent, as you can see below - lipsticks, eye creme stick, concealer/highlighter and hand cream - they make very nice additions to my everyday make-up bag. You can find this brand on Feel Unique, at the moment some of the products are on sale, so worth popping by if anything has caught your eye.

 photo bb-1_zpszpwlcv2a.jpg

 photo bb-10_zpsnaifjdtu.jpg

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Opulence from Florence

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As I mentioned, I didn't end up shopping much whilst I was in Florence, the heat was really too much, getting in the way of the patience I like to have when I shop. However, just as we arrived in Florence we passed by a shop that sold a large selection of these wooden decorative trays. So I spent a little time trying to decide which of them I would buy. I ended up with these three in different sizes, you saw one of them in a previous post here. I love collectable pieces with opulent detail and the muted colours of these are so stunning I think. They will get used for years to come, ideal to serve food and drinks or even as a decorative stand to hold jewellery or candles. 

 photo ft-4_zpsdt0h7u2d.jpg

 photo ft-2_zpstpye25u5.jpg

 photo ft-3_zpsncbvy1fy.jpg

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Sunday, 23 August 2015


I've been playing around with the Time-lapse feature on my iPhone lately. I need to get hold of an iPhone mount for my tripod as the phone really needs to be kept ultra-steady but these are my first attempts so far...

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Tea Today³

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Today's tea of choice is another from the French brand Kusmi, Thé Vert à la Rose. I have quite a few different blends from this brand, but this is the only green tea option I have, as I tend to favour black teas mostly. But a green tea is very nice for those days I am feeling particularly healthy. And this one has a very delicate floral hint of rose, so makes a refreshing change to a basic green tea.

The accessories chosen (as presentation and the tea ceremony itself is vital in my opinion) are a wooden tray bought in Florence, a Wedgwood Polka Dot cup and saucer given to me as a gift and I used a tea strainer for the loose tea leaves themselves. I usually prefer loose tea when I am at home, so I can use one of the many gadgets from my tea paraphernalia collection.

 photo tt3-2_zpseb5tp7gh.jpg

 photo tt3-3_zpsavfbdhre.jpg

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A Week in Tuscany, Part 2

 photo italy-13_zpsojzza1dc.jpg
Whilst in Tuscany recently, another day was spent heading up to Florence. A longer trip than Pisa, it took a couple of hours of travel in total from our hotel in Livorno. The sweltering heat made it less than pleasant for us, we were a couple of wilting little British flowers that day. And as a result I had little patience for walking around, being outside in general - or even shopping! I'm still pleased I got to see Florence, I would definitely like to visit again in cooler temperatures. Although I hadn't realised quite how small the city is, and despite trying not to compare it to anywhere else, ended up firmly deciding our favourite Italian city so far has to be Venice.

 photo italy-10_zpsukrnrdnt.jpg

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