Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Date Night with Birds Eye, Part 1

As a total homebody, I'm more than happy for any excuse for a night in. So when Birds Eye offered to send me a hamper as part of their #foodfoflife promotion, I was definitely in the mood to sample their goodies. I was sent a huge cream box, opening it all up was a little bit like Christmas (my mum loves to put together a hamper for me every Christmas-time too). There was an outfit (black jumpsuit from Next), some beauty essentials (perfume by Ted Baker, Scandal Eyes Mascara, Lip Gloss and Nail Polish) and home-ware goods (candelabra with candles, tea-lights, place mats & napkins). There was a dvd and music to set the scene (my favourite film, The Holiday and a Come Dine With Me soundtrack). And not forgetting a bottle of bubbly, cupcakes (eaten immediately by moi as I knew they would not last too long), chocolates, nuts and the very important Birds Eye vouchers, so I can go and choose from the range, which is currently being promoted to encourage family life and sharing good times together through family meals. I will share with you part 2 very soon, so you can see what I chose for my meal and how I set the scene with my goodies.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tarte v Estée Lauder

 photo t-el-1_zps37b9fbe8.jpg
When opening my tarte stash recently, and over time trying out all of the products, a thought crossed my mind. The tarte Pure Maracuja Oil reminded me of the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum and like-wise the two eye-creams. So I have spent the last couple of weeks using both products together to decide the pros and cons of these sets of products.

 photo t-el-3_zps6bfe4456.jpg
Both of these products I would use at night. This is my third bottle of the Estée Lauder serum and as the bottle indicates, it is to be used at night for maximum benefit. The sleeping process throughout the night is the time when our skin rests, heals and regenerates. Everyone raves about this product and although I can't say that I think of it as any kind of wonder cream with immediate noticeable effects, I have gotten used to using it and really believe that it is extremely beneficial to use a night time serum at my time of life (forty years of age). 

The tarte oil I would also use at night, mostly because it is an oil and there wouldn't be time for me to apply this in the morning and then apply my make-up without an oily film being left on my skin prior to make-up application. That said, I really enjoy using an oil on my face and have used the Nuxe Dry Oil for a while now. I really feel like an oil gives my skin maximum moisture, especially useful in my night-time routine. I would use an oil or serum before my normal moisturiser.

 photo t-el-5_zps5cd69f07.jpg
The two eye creams are quite different to one another I would say. The tarte is a thick white cream and the Estée Lauder is more of a moisture surge, thicker than a gel but not as opaque as a cream. As the tarte product promises its' eye cream to be a 'brighter eye treatment', I have found that I particularly like to use this first thing on a morning to wake up my eyes and the delicate skin around them. The Estée Lauder I prefer at night with the matching serum.

 photo t-el-4_zps91733af9.jpg

 photo t-el-2_zps62a16d17.jpg
As I was using the Estée Lauder set only at night, I found that I wasn't really using anything in the morning around my eyes. So now owning the tarte eye brightening cream has really come in useful to add to my skin-care collection. Despite the oil and serum both being night-time products for me, I have since discovered that a couple of drops of oil in a serum, working in conjunction with one another, can work really well, so that is how I have started to use these products on those days where my face really needs a little extra tlc. Or one or the other as before if my skin dictates something slightly less moisturising. I'm very happy to have all of these products in my skin-care kit and will most definitely re-purchase the tarte products again, as I have found them to work very well alongside the Estée Lauder range.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Pop Art

 photo pa-66_zps9367a934.jpg

 photo pa-33_zps54f213ee.jpg

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There is something about these bright acidic colours that make me think of Andy Warhol's Pop Art, especially when I play around with the flash, as in the picture below. This dress was a recent sale bargain from Top Shop, the sales in there at the moment are so good!

 photo pa-11_zps98aa1849.jpg
Top Shop Dress
Top Shop Fedora
Lara Lee Gold Necklace
Dior Rings
Hermes Bracelet
Komono Watch via Top Shop
Tom Ford Lipstick in Wild Ginger
Chanel Nail Polish in Holiday

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Treats

Easter is more than just a long weekend off from the day job. Religious leanings aside, it is for me the true beginning of Spring. A time to buy flowers, a time when it is positively encouraged to eat copious amounts of chocolate, not to mention delicious Hot Cross Buns.

 photo et-2_zpsfe90c60f.jpg

 photo et-1_zps8f4a9535.jpg

 photo et-7_zpsd88afcfe.jpg

 photo et-3_zpsc87a78d7.jpg

 photo et-13_zpse98f3e66.jpg

 photo et-8_zps0f9f3a3f.jpg
Also, it is a time to treat oneself to sweet accessories. In this case, a beautiful porcelain and gold filled necklace from Let It Reign. You may remember a couple of previous posts here and here, showcasing some of their beautiful pieces, I absolutely adore this well curated site. This time, I received a bird necklace* from brand Me, Me, Me. Created by Jade Gallup, using fine quality porcelain and made with love from her East London studio. There are also necklaces available in Bunny and Owl designs too. So pretty and simple, I've been wearing mine stacked up with other delicate gold necklaces. Definitely worth checking out, the site has recently had a bit of a makeover plus they have changed their international shipping prices so instead of offering a flat rate for every order no matter how big or small, they now arrange international delivery on an individual basis so oversees customers can contact them with order details and they will find the most competitive and affordable postage they can.

 photo et-10_zps09f2406c.jpg

 photo et-4_zps9897c493.jpg

 photo et-16_zps898b6156.jpg

 photo et-17_zpsa82cb409.jpg

 photo et-15_zpsa8021e7b.jpg

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Matchy Matchy

 photo mm-4_zps65bf381c.jpg
These 'Matching Sets' have flooded the high street lately and I am seeing them in so many of the shops I frequent. I originally saw a navy print top and trouser combo when I was in Amsterdam but ended up buying this set in London the other week instead. So far I have only worn it once and may well end up wearing them as separates more than a set but I love the print and see myself getting a lot of wear out of them. With such a vibrant and striking print, I like to keep my accessories simple. In this case my most favourite pair of flat shoes. I bought two pairs of these as I knew I would wear them to death. They have quite a sixties vibe to them, with their flat and pointed style in a dressy patent leather.

 photo mm-8_zpsc3f629fb.jpg

 photo mm-1_zps11b8bde1.jpg

 photo mm-6_zps144a0df2.jpg

 photo mm-2_zps22a33c06.jpg

 photo mm-10_zps866f0b90.jpg

 photo mm-3_zpsba25cd23.jpg

 photo mm-7_zps6438ddeb.jpg

 photo mm-5_zpsbb4a8c6c.jpg

 photo mm-9_zpsefd1fb52.jpg
Zara Top & Skirt
Hermes Bracelet
Dior Rings
Konomo Watch via Top Shop
Tom Ford Lipstick in Wild Ginger
Chanel Nail Polish in Holiday