Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Weekend in the Country, Part 2

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As I mentioned in my last post, my boyfriend and I recently visited the small village of Blanchland where we stayed at a wonderful hotel called The Lord Crewe Arms. We specifically wanted a hotel away from the city, very rural but not too far away from home. This hotel was absolutely perfect. I don't want to go into too much detail here, as their own website covers the hotel incredibly well, so you should definitely check it out. But dated to 1165, was a hideout for monks at the time and to this day is said to be haunted - a thought that did not go down too well with me when the electricity temporarily cut out twice later that night! The hotel is so cosy, it has a bar area housed in a cave of sorts and a lovely restaurant that we enjoyed both dinner and breakfast in. There are plenty of places to visit nearby if you fancy a drive out, but as we really just wanted to relax at the hotel, we went for a short walk and then the rest of the time stayed indoors, marvelling at the different characters residing at the hotel. The hotel has fairly recently been refurbished I believe, which was very apparent. I loved the luxury of newness in such an old building so full of character. This was such a treat for us to spend a weekend away in the country, and one I think both of us have developed quite a taste for.

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Wearing: Zara Bobble Hat ~ Monsoon Faux Fur Coat (old) ~ Top Shop Jamie Jeans ~ Anthropologie Boots ~ Family Affairs Blouse* ~ Versace Crossbody Handbag via Spartoo*

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Weekend in the Country, Part 1

Last weekend, we decided to get out of our city and drive into the country. Despite being only a forty five minute drive from home, I had never been to this place before. It really was pure Countryfile and had only a shop, a church and the hotel we were staying in. I'll show you more of the hotel next time, but meanwhile here are some pictures of our walk around Blanchland and then a quick call in to Minsteracres and Corbridge on the way back home the following day. The colours at this time of year, the beginning of my favourite autumn season, show the North East of England to be a truly beautiful place.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Replenishing the Tarte Stock

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You may remember the huge stash of goodies sent to me by US cult beauty brand, tarte. Many of these items have become daily essentials for me. So when I was contacted by the brand again, to see if there were any of the products needing to be replenished, I jumped at the chance. I chose a couple of my favourite items that I know I will run out of and absolutely have to re-stock. And I also had the opportunity to choose some new products. Today I wanted to share with you the items I chose*, I will leave my tarte favourites for another post in the future when I have had chance to have a good play around with everything.

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Products shown:
Maracuja Lip Treatment ~ Matte Lip Tint in Lively


Don't forget, if you're based in the UK and not lucky enough to be US based with easy access to this range, you can buy tarte products now on QVC.