Thursday, 2 July 2015

An Evening with Paul Mitchell & New CID Cosmetics

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Last night I was invited along to the very lovely Jesmond Dene House for a bit of pampering courtesy of Paul Mitchell Hair and New CID Cosmetics. After a day spent at home, I was happy to leave to indulge in a couple of hours of chatter and beautifying (as well as the odd glass of prosecco). I had my hair curled by the Paul Mitchell Stylist and my make-up done by the New CID Make-up Artist, managing to pick up some good beauty tips along the way.

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I have used Paul Mitchell products before and am already a fan, so finding out about some new products was no hardship! The latest collection is the Quinoa Color-Locking System encompassing an Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Triple Rescue. The range promises to lock in hair colour and can be used on any hair colour. Quinoa is the ingredient with a great source of protein so helps to repair and protect the hair for longer lasting colour. I haven't tried my samples yet but the fragrance alone is AMAZING and smells like summer in a bottle, I think I will be hanging on to my travel sizes to take with me on holiday in a few weeks.

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I hadn't heard of the New CID Cosmetics brand before so was happy to learn more about them from the lovely MUA as she applied some products on me. She used the Foundation Primer (I love a good Primer and love trying new brands - this one is very light and dewy), a Foundation Base (there is an amazing selection of shades for the pale-skinned like me as well as the usual darker shades), some Shimmering Loose Powder, Pressed Powder Blush and some Shimmer Powder to be used for the latest Strobing trend. We found a one-colour-suits-all eyebrow pencil (I like an ashy colour, not too warm) and finished off with some smudged eyeshadow, light contouring and a lovely peachy coral lip colour.

What I like most about this brand is the sleek packaging (you know I like clean and simple) but it has some amazing details - so a button on the bottom of the lipstick to make it light up (how good for clubbing?!), a mirror on the side of the lip gloss tube and a clear indicator on the side of the foundation bottle, so you know when it is nearly empty. It's the little things that matter and help a brand stand out in a very competitive beauty market.

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Make Me Beautiful by Next

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You may or may not be aware that popular UK high street chain Next launched their own beauty range a few months ago, mid February 2015, Make Me Beautiful. I contacted Next to see if they would be interested in supplying me with some products from their new range when I took part in the intu Eldon Square Big Treat Event

I picked up a huge bag of products from the store which I was able to use as part of my display at the Shopping Event. The idea of me taking part in the event was that I would be on hand as a Beauty Blogger to advise impartial advice on various beauty products and brands. So to include Next in this and introduce the Newcastle shoppers to their new range was fantastic. Many of the shoppers were not aware that Next had brought out a new make-up range and I thought that perhaps you might not be aware too, so decided to share them with you here and provide a brief overview and my thoughts on the range so far. Quite a few of the products were opened at the event for sampling purposes but those that weren't I have been able to open up and use myself to trial for the purposes of this post (and also because I'm huge beauty junkie!) 

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Lips - I was given a selection of lip products - 6 Sheer Chubby Sticks; 5 Matte Lip Colours and a Lip Gloss Set. Personally I am a fan of highly pigmented colours and a Matte Finish is my preference, so the lipsticks for me are a firm favourite. The Chubby Sticks are very sheer and so pretty as a light finish for spring and summer. The lipstick colour I have been using so far is the red shade, a very deep rich red which will be perfect for autumn and winter. The lipsticks have a lovely thick, creamy and very pigmented consistency, so a good alternative if you prefer something heavier to a sheer Chubby Stick.

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Eyes & Eyebrows - There are a few eyeshadow palettes to choose from - a 10 Shade Palette with the most perfect selection of neutral and grey shades in both pearlescent and matte finishes, and a selection of Eyeshadow Quads that are available in a selection of complimentary shades. I was also given some Smudge Eye Pencils and a couple of Liquid Eyeliners. There is also a great travel compact for eyebrows that includes a small eyebrow brush and miniature pair of tweezers, perfect for on-the-go.

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Face - There are Bronzer and Blush shimmer bricks which are great for either applying as a mixed product, or for using one part of the product for either a highlighter or contour. There are also a couple of liquid face products in the range, a Face Primer and Face Illuminator. I already had the Face Primer from a Next Goody bag, so have been using it for a while anyway. It is a thick clear lotion which gives almost a waxy finish to the skin and is a really great base to layer the rest of the make-up. The Illuminator is also a really light lotion which gives a lovely light shimmer when applied to the cheekbones.


Overall I really like the range. Packaging plays a large part for me with beauty products. I like a simple and sleek design, the silver and perspex packaging of the lipstick in particular was a huge draw - I like my make-up products to look chic when I am re-applying in public. The price point of this range is also a big draw, most of the products are less than £10 each. I also thought there was a good selection of colours in both warm and cool tones (I think you tend to be one or the other). I'm interested to see if more products will be added to the range to make it even bigger. If you are in the market for some new beauty buys, I would definitely recommend giving these a go.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

6 Plus in Monochrome

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I'm enjoying the minimalism of monochrome at the moment. So when looking for a new outfit for my iPhone 6 Plus, these two cases* by CaseApp caught my eye. Both available in either a glossy or matte finish, I opted for glossy which I think works really well on the shiny iPhone. The black marble effect is such a chic and classic design and the other foil decoration is a bit of an optical illusion, so cool and something I have never really seen before.

CaseApp are offering my readers a 20% discount, available across all brands and model of phones until 13th July 2015 - Just use the code PINKCASE20 at check-out.

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Sunday, 21 June 2015


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As you know, I am always on the look out for new tearooms to satisfy my love of traditional Afternoon Tea. The best I find, are usually the more affluent places that are more likely to have an older demographic. Durham in the North East of England, despite also being a large student area, fits the bill quite well and has a whole host of lovely bars and cafes. Discovering Tealicious was a true gem of a find. Although not set out in luxurious surroundings as such, it embraced the shabby-chic look, very quaint set across three cosy floors. We were seated on the second floor by the window, so able to enjoy another favourite people-watching past-time of ours, whilst enjoying our delicious afternoon tea. We each chose an iced fruit tea from the tea menu for our first drink, then moved on to a traditional black tea for my friend and a Vanilla Earl Grey for me to drink with the food itself. There was a large selection of finger sandwiches (cucumber, hummous & rocket, cheese, ham, eggo mayo), freshly baked miniature fruit and cheese scones and an unusual array of cakes also in miniature format. Afternoon Tea is a very popular choice of meal these days and can often be over-priced and rather boring in selection, so it is always a delight to find a tea room that does things a little bit differently.

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88 Elvet Bridge
T: 0191 3401393
@: TealiciousUK

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Capsule Wardrobe Update⁶

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I learned a lot from my first Capsule, Spring 2015:

・ I felt as though my Capsule was still far too large and far too broad. When I check back I have worn around 55 items so far including outerwear (but not including accessories of shoes, handbags, jewellery, scarves, hats etc).

・ Mid way through I felt that I wanted to pair down to a specific number of items.

・ I looked more into Project 333 and Jennifer L Scott's 10 Piece French Wardrobe from her book, Lessons from Madame Chic.

・ I realised that until I have lived through the 4 different seasons of Capsule Wardrobe living, I won't be able to properly define what will work best for me. So this first year is most definitely a huge learning curve.

・ Because the Capsules are incomplete before they have even begun (it being my first year), I am needing to continue the hunt for certain items (although shopping has decreased significantly and also I have stopped accepting a lot of 'blog freebies' as I continue to be incredibly specific about what I want to include in my Capsule). To stick to a specific number, I will exchange one item for another.

・ I'm looking towards abiding by some 'rules'. I personally work better in my life in general when things are 'black and white'. The first Capsule seemed too vague when not governed by some guidelines.

・ Summer is my least favourite season and always a difficult time for me clothes-wise anyway. I'm pale-skinned and hate my legs, so summer clothing does very little for me (bring me the cosy layers of autumn any day of the week!)

・ Summer is also very unpredictable in the UK, so planning for the weather with specific items of clothing is going to be challenging for me, to say the least. Even more so than I experienced with Spring I would imagine. In an ideal world I would have some items in my wardrobe for every single season, just in case, as any one day can encapsulate more than one season.

・ I made a note of everything I wore throughout the first Capsule, so I could see patterns in the items I was gravitating towards. I found this very helpful in looking forward to the next Capsule.

・ I'm thinking more this time about a neutral colour palette.

・ Shopping less is a positive outcome to this but I did find that I preferred to shop out of season, so that I can get my good quality pieces on discount.