Sunday, 29 November 2015

3 Lovely Links¹

As you are reading this, I will be off on my travels again. So in the chance that I will be completely exhausted upon my return with very little energy to attend to ye olde blog, I would like to leave you with 3 links to posts I have found particularly interesting lately...

 photo snowing-2_zpszscpwm1l.jpg
If you read just one of these posts, I urge you to click on this one. I doubt it will be in existence for too much longer as the post itself is really a goodbye to the world of blogging. This resonated with me so much, and if you have been involved with blogging yourself for any length of time, it will probably be of great interest to you also. The early days of blogging and the motivation behind it along with the huge change to blogging and what it has become are major factors in deciding what the future holds on this blogging journey. Food for thought.   

 photo elsa-2_zpstfncijvo.jpg
I don't need any encouragement when it comes to getting excited for Christmas, the build up is the main part of the event in my opinion. Elsa's photographs have such a warm, cosy and comforting air to them. She has amazing interior style and lives such a colourful life, I promise reading this post will get you in the festive mood!

 photo 6-chai-recipes-for-Autumn-2_zpsq6aa0zez.jpg
This is an old post that Bloglovin kindly recommended to me - not sure how it knew of my love of chai! I want to try out all of these recipes, so seasonal and yummy.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Brian Griffiths' Bill Murray at BALTIC

 photo pinkbow-baltic-2_zps7sojoumx.jpg
I always feel incredibly lucky to have the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art on my doorstep. The space has been home to some amazing exhibitions since it opened its doors in 2002. Such an iconic building, I am never disappointed when I step inside to see its' latest offerings. The exhibition currently taking place that I went to see at the weekend, Bill Murray: a story of distance, size and sincerity by Brian Griffiths was a stunning visual representation, and one that I would absolutely recommend visiting if you are in the area.

 photo pinkbow-baltic-3_zps5ip6oind.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-4_zpsaxghibvt.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-5_zpsjwhyyj14.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-6_zpszygpfuke.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-7_zpsyaysedme.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-8_zpsbziviiau.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-9_zps8dvyq4cx.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-10_zpsjax34azw.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-11_zpsjstdip1u.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-14_zpsgr1uuqfw.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-12_zpsn7en4gmd.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-29_zpswrquchif.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-15_zpsfyh7ag7n.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-16_zpsvb9skzzs.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-17_zpsc3igrob2.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-18_zpszifkbflk.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-19_zpskkqzdq8k.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-20_zpszzrdueat.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-21_zpsdr1wi4ac.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-22_zps1dgcfw4n.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-23_zpsbk88iuaa.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-24_zpsh23cdzba.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-25_zpsizk4umoe.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-26_zpsyfflmeph.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-27_zpsewj1mmmq.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-28_zpsakir44nx.jpg

 photo pinkbow-baltic-1_zpsxuhip1p2.jpg
BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
Gateshead, NE8 3BA
T: 0191 478 1810
@: balticmill

Sunday, 22 November 2015

My Style Through the Years (November)

Another look back at my style over the last few years, this time focussing on the month of November. I haven't posted any outfit pictures this month so far, so I drifted back to 2010 this time to fulfil the five years...

 photo pinkbow-nov-2_zpse1r8sdto.jpg
2010 ~ 2011 ~ 2012 ~ 2013 ~ 2014 (from left to right)

 photo pinkbow-2010_zpsjly1itnt.jpg
2010 - Teal 
That time when I had super long hair! I found this mohair cape at a flea market, and although I don't wear it anymore, I could never give it away, it's definitely been one of my favourite ever vintage buys.

 photo pinkbow-2011_zpssph5yj2r.jpg
This was quite an exciting post for us when I took part in the Take 10 group, as Company magazine contacted us to work in collaboration with ASOS. In case you didn't already know, the Take 10 group was originally set up as a group of 10 bloggers wearing the same item of clothing or accessory in 10 different ways. It later ended up changing as we generally ended up picking different items for the same brand. But on this occasion, ASOS sent us all the same dress (which wasn't very nice incidentally!) and we all styled it with the photographs and feature appearing in Company magazine - which was very exciting!

 photo pinkbow-2012_zpsqluygono.jpg
I've been lucky enough to do a few collaborations with New York / Swiss brand Family Affairs, I absolutely love Nina's designs. This was a dress I was sent which I still have to this day. It's such a lovely cool cotton, and is a really nice summer piece, even though it has a particularly autumnal print.

 photo pinkbow-2013_zpsra1yxomr.jpg
Nothing particularly special about this outfit, just a cold day out in Tynemouth wearing some particularly warm and snuggly clothes.

 photo pinkbow-2014_zpscavr1lh6.jpg
Wearing my favourite Prada Baroque sunglasses here which I am so pleased I finally talked myself into buying (I have far too many pairs of sunglasses). Fur coats are a bit of a staple at this time of year too.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

September & October Through Instagram

I was hugely uninspired by Instagram in the month of September, so had very little images to round up in a post here. Throughout lacklustre creative periods such as these, I tend to just relax and roll with the feeling and hope my creativity will return at some point. And if not, I will roll with that too and not take any pictures or post them. But my interest ended up returning in October, so I have managed to cobble together a couple of month's worth of Instagram shots (in addition to the recent London post I ran too). Here is some of what I saw throughout September and October...

 photo pinkbow-1_zpseuwifspa.jpg
Lots of coffee

 photo pinkbow-2_zpshacvh4sn.jpg
And a fine Sunday lunch

 photo pinkbow-3_zpsggagzg37.jpg
More coffee, I was particularly partial to the Starbucks Autumn cups

 photo pinkbow-6_zps8fxtcnmk.jpg
A visit to the Treehouse at Alnwick Gardens & some stunning autumnal flowers

 photo pinkbow-4_zpsbnyqfs8w.jpg
Autumn vegetables. And more coffee.

 photo pinkbow-5_zpsnayske5x.jpg
Beautiful furniture in Barter Books in Alnwick. As well as the amazing Treehouse.

 photo pinkbow-7_zpsuart9eju.jpg
I drink a lot of coffee apparently, this time in the newly opened Patisserie Valerie. And I eat a lot of sweets too.

 photo pinkbow-8_zpsws1kecqy.jpg
Our Directors at work bought us lots of cake. I eventually decided on that 1970's classic, Black Forest Gateaux

 photo pinkbow-9_zpszcgd0io8.jpg
Cute jewellery from the V&A (belonging to my friend but too sweet not to take a picture of). And more sweet treats in the work place, this time Halloween friendly doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Mademoiselle Privé, Part 2

 photo mademoiselle-privee-28_zpsjwexaxxh.jpg
The second part of the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition very much focussed on the clothing collection and the photographs taken as part of the exhibition. So many famous fashion icons wearing the beautiful clothes and jewels from the House of Chanel. As I mentioned last time, the exhibition had extremely long queues to get in and wasn't as organised as the McQueen exhibition at the V&A but it was a free exhibition and having the chance to see these beautiful pieces up close was pretty amazing and definitely worth the time it took to get in to see them.

 photo mademoiselle-privee-19_zpshbzrklyh.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-26_zpssf7092cc.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-22_zpsxf8yyjlj.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-30_zpseya5q0z3.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-25_zpshzl8p8ys.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-35_zpsrlg0o1nj.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-31_zpsmdf5661z.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-36_zpszbrjgkyn.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-40_zpspgeraful.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-34_zps0qx960lk.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-38_zps0m6p3m3m.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-37_zpsprdnwetz.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-43_zpsfils8n2z.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-48_zpsxj4babkp.jpg

 photo mp-42_zpsq8kmnxp8.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-49_zpsm9czugx6.jpg

 photo mp-24_zps4qshdh1x.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-41_zps3tp0fxwj.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-44_zps3wf11ugj.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-21_zpsu4yrap11.jpg