Sunday, 19 October 2014

Garden Kitchen ~ Autumn Menu

Last weekend, I was invited along again to sample the new Autumn Menu at Newcastle upon Tyne's Garden Kitchen, situated in the lovely light and airy Eldon Garden Shopping Centre. I really love visiting this cafe, it always feels so relaxing and is ideally based in a quieter part of the shopping centre. As a pescetarian and overall fussy eater, I often struggle for options when I eat out. But that day was quite the opposite, debating for a long time over three very tempting options.

 photo gk-1_zps1f99fa84.jpg

 photo gk-2_zpsa6518d14.jpg

 photo gk-14_zps40d4d2f4.jpg

 photo gk-8_zps4fb8e033.jpg

 photo gk-3_zps6e311be0.jpg

 photo gk-4_zps5c02879d.jpg

 photo gk-5_zps0ec6d850.jpg

 photo gk-7_zps9daf89fc.jpg

 photo gk-6_zps212e738b.jpg
We began our meal with drinks, a Rose Prosecco for me and for my friend a fresh orange juice. And for food, in the end I decided on the Fish Finger Sandwich and Skinny Fries, while my friend opted for the more healthy Mezze Plate of Couscous Salad, Taboulleh, Quinoa, Avocado and Seeds along with some Roasted Potatoes with Chorizo Aioli. So delicious and filling.

 photo gk-12_zps04959398.jpg

 photo gk-11_zps9611f142.jpg

 photo gk-13_zps0971290e.jpg
Despite being rather full, I couldn't help but choose a slice of cake to go along with my cappuccino - salted caramel banana loaf. A very simple cake, but really delicious and the perfect accompaniment to a good cup of coffee.

 photo gk-9_zps564b3865.jpg

 photo gk-10_zpsc99b45f2.jpg
This was my third invited visit* to Garden Kitchen, you can read my other reviews here and here.


Eldon Gardens
Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 232 7885
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 8-6; Thursday 8-7; Sunday 10-5

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Party Feet

 photo f-1_zps7ae43997.jpg
I'm feeling so much love for these vintage-inspired, almond toed gold shoes from Freed of London. Just in time for the party season to begin this Autumn/Winter, I can't wait to start wearing these elegant shoes which will work well with so many of my pieces of clothing. I have long since stopped wearing ridiculously high shoes, somehow the pain on a night out is no longer worth it. These are oh so comfortable, a couple of inch heel to make me feel glamorous but as soon as I put them on my feet, realised they were going to be extremely comfortable too.

Freed of London are a British brand with so much history and heritage, founded in 1929 and the world's leading provider of dance shoes. I can absolutely imagine this style of shoe in the Flapper era of the 1920's. This season, a range of six pairs of shoes have been designed, combining elegant ideas inspired from the 20's right through to the 1950's, every pair illustrating an exquisite attention to detail resulting in a very signature Freed of London style. You can view here the full Boutique Vintage Collection on the Freed of London site.

 photo f-5_zps0b32a182.jpg

 photo f-6_zps0028d980.jpg

 photo f-2_zps8fbc6b9e.jpg

 photo f-4_zpse28236b9.jpg

 photo f-3_zpse88e39f9.jpg

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Valvona & Crolla

 photo vc-1_zps6b735d34.jpg
My last post on my recent trip to Edinburgh. We arrived very early into Edinburgh, around 9am, so decided to find a cafe and have a breakfast of sorts before the shops opened at 10am. I remembered a cafe from a visit many years ago, just near Harvey Nichols, called Valvona & Crolla and was pleased to find it was still there. It's a gorgeous little authentic Italian cafe with a cosy layout and good food. It was really quiet at that time, so we sat down and chatted over coffees and a mini feast of cakes and pastries, before setting off for a wander around the nearby shops.

 photo vc-4-2_zpsf7048e3b.jpg

 photo vc-2_zps6d76d0f2.jpg

 photo vc-5_zps7a693de2.jpg

 photo vc-3_zps87d7f79a.jpg

 photo vc-6_zpse56126f3.jpg

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Camera Obscura

 photo co-1-2_zps362eef84.jpg
An outfit post with a difference. I had a little bit of fun posing in front of the crazy mirrors in Edinburgh the other week. Favouring (obviously) pictures two and five for the mirror that gave me skinny legs ;)

 photo co-2-2_zpsfb1fa7fc.jpg

 photo co-4-2_zpse1d7403e.jpg

 photo co-6-2_zpsb7f96176.jpg

 photo co-3-2_zps694f6b29.jpg

 photo co-5-2_zps6643dcde.jpg
Wearing: Turban (old) ~ H&M Coat ~ Warehouse Victorian Blouse (old) ~ Top Shop Jamie Jeans ~ Anthropologie Boots ~ Chanel Handbag

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Secret Garden at The Witchery

 photo sg-2_zps32ba086f.jpg
Whilst in Edinburgh last week, we decided to sample the sister restaurant to The Witchery, The Secret Garden. We had a sneak peak of it when we visited The Witchery last year. And decided for our next trip to Edinburgh we would definitely have lunch at The Secret Garden. Both are really lovely restaurants. I think The Witchery suited the time of year we went last time, just before Christmas, as it is quite dark and gothic and very cosy for Christmas-time. The Secret Garden is definitely more spring/summer like, with large French windows that open out onto a small terrace at the back. The restaurant itself is quite small, but again so cosy with the most delicious menu. I can't remember exactly the names of the dishes we ate. But my friend opted for a haggis starter and I decided on a dessert of chocolate torte, as we both decided on just two courses this time. We both had the haddock risotto as our main course, with glasses of wine and cocktails throughout. If you're ever in Edinburgh and looking for a lovely occasion place to eat, I would definitely recommend The Secret Garden.

 photo sg-3_zpsf9835f8f.jpg

 photo sg-6_zpse7c3a018.jpg

 photo sg-5_zpscd3ed59b.jpg

 photo sg-4_zpsb139eab2.jpg

 photo sg-7_zps9cf4473c.jpg

 photo sg-9_zps2e478709.jpg

 photo sg-28_zpsc74b4de8.jpg

 photo sg-10_zps25ad5a18.jpg

 photo sg-8_zpsdfcc1a4b.jpg

 photo sg-11_zps9082042d.jpg

 photo sg-16_zpsbc7af388.jpg

 photo sg-13_zps5ce5be16.jpg

 photo sg-15_zpsebc96b23.jpg

 photo sg-14_zps4f0c7ec5.jpg

 photo sg-17_zps331ed22f.jpg

 photo sg-18_zps93b1fe18.jpg

 photo sg-21_zps853cc755.jpg

 photo sg-19_zps11b688ab.jpg

 photo sg-12_zps50e5fded.jpg

 photo sg-23_zps3ae3e2bd.jpg

 photo sg-22_zpsd42d69e7.jpg

 photo sg-24_zps268e5fbe.jpg

 photo sg-25_zpsf9e18d6a.jpg

 photo sg-26_zps54750b2b.jpg

 photo sg-27_zpsa2bb561e.jpg